Processing Bureau

Not ready to buy into Mailmark yet?  Are you a Mail Producer who wants to test the Mailmark service without the financial risks involved with managing the data flow?

Our software is Mailmark Enabled, we have been instrumental in the design and testing of these new Mailmark tools. Our data processing bureau has been processing Mailmark campaigns since launch and were also involved in pre-launch testing.  We have all of the software tools needed to Sort your data, Create Mailmark barcodes and handle the emanifest uploads for all of the UK’s major postal service providers (Royal Mail, UK Mail & Whilst).

We have developed a seamless process to enable a swift turnaround for Mailmark processing, which allows us to deliver a competitively priced service for the Trade.

We can get you ‘going’ with Mailmark in hours!  When you ready to get involved with Mailmark, get in touch.