The latest product innovation from Royal Mail, Mailmark is predicted to revolutionise the Direct Mail industry by providing, a long overdue, level of transparency across the mail production and postal delivery supply chains, as well as providing personalised web-based, item level reporting from an online analytics dashboard.  It is also destined to become the de facto cheapest posting method for high volume mailings. The Mailmark system went live in February 2014 and has now processed 32 million mail pieces from 50 posting customers (September 2014).

Royal Mail has also announced that it will introduce a small price differential between the new Mailmark and existing Barcode (CBC) options with a further increase of this differential in 2016. The exact prices will be confirmed nearer the time but indicative ranges will see Mailmark priced at 1% lower than CBC in 2015 and 5% lower than Barcode (CBC) in 2016.  Royal Mail has also targeted migration of up to 90% of machineable mail transferring to Mailmark by 2017.

In same statement, Royal Mail announced that they have made available a £500,000 fund to help as many mail producers as possible to offset the potential production costs of implementing the Mailmark option. This will be allocated to mail producers at a rate of £1000 per million Mailmark items posted and up to a total of £50k per mail producer.

Mailmark signals some significant opportunities for the Mail Production supply chain, as well as for Clients.  But, these opportunities come with some challenges, not least how to implement the technical changes within an organisation needed to effectively manage the Mailmark process.  There is also a process of education for those working in the Mailmark space, as there are some hidden risks you need to be aware of in order to minimise any financial risk associated with the transfer of work to Mailmark.

Do not underestimate the lead times involved in migrating your campaigns to Mailmark – it may not be done at a click of a mouse.

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