Postal Services

Since the full opening of the UK postal market in January 2006, we have seen dramatic changes  within the market, not only from the new entrants, but also from Royal Mail.  There are many opportunities available to UK marketers relating to cost reduction and improved service levels both from Royal Mail and the downstream access operators.

Ensuring you select and procure mail services to achieve optimum savings has always been a difficult task.  Royal Mail has 7 different bulk mail services with many more variables segmenting these services to complicate matters – some of which are based upon, size, weight, destination and daily volume of mail presented.  Add these to the choices we enjoy from the DSA operators and you have an extremely complex marketplace, with some fantastic opportunities, but also some areas of significant risk.

More than 100 different service offerings exist in the marketplace at present. DMPA can help you select the right mix of mail solutions for a positive impact on cost and service by:

  • Improve service levels for the same cost
  • Reducing cost without deterioration of service
  • Selecting the correct service to satisfy your customer propositions
  • Maximising compensation from suppliers
  • Implementing operational process enhancements to improve service and costs
  • Identifying & implementing opportunities for Downstream Access solutions
  • Selecting the most suitable upstream carrier for your specific needs
  • Assisting in the selection of Zonal or National Access pricing
  • Mailmark™ implementation

For further information about Mailmark and our Mailmark Services, click here

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