When it comes to the execution of a Direct Mail campaign there are many pitfalls.  Our experience in DM production (both agency and supplier) enables us to provide professional management services that will ultimately help you avoid expensive mistakes in the execution of a campaign.

We have managed hundreds of campaigns, both UK and International and understand areas of opportunity and those areas where mistakes are commonly made.  Successful direct mail relies on all aspects of the campaign coming together seamlessly – DMPA’s management services enable this to happen every time.  Peace of mind, knowing you have experts on hand will help you sleep at night – not worrying about whether your campaign will fail at the final hurdle.

DMPA provide consultancy services that encompass the entire spectrum of Direct Mail production, from creative format advice to supplier selection and management.  Achieving improved quality and optimising cost reduction opportunities form the basis of our service.  Our experience in this specialist field enables us to seek out suppliers to match our clients every need – be they be based in the UK or overseas.

Many of the greatest cost reduction opportunities for direct mailers lie within the UK’s deregulated postal market.  DMPA work with our clients to ensure they select the postal provider and service best suited to their mail requirements, by reviewing pack formats, data, mail volume and frequency of mail outputs.  These key influencers are built into simple decision matrices to aid the evaluation.  We not only evaluate the new operators in the UK, but also analyse your mailing profile with Royal Mail to ensure you are achieving optimum bulk mail postage discounts.

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